Writing Your Way

Do you have creative ideas but struggle to make them a reality?

Using the sacred number forty, my book contains 40 short chapters with inspiring writing prompts, all designed to help you access your own inner wisdom.
As a writing mentor and editor, I’ve worked with countless writers and other creatives. I’ve also battled my own inner demons and tell relatable personal stories in the book.
Wherever you are—longing to write a book, craving time alone with your journal, or wishing you could be more creative—Writing Your Way meets you where you are and helps you walk the path of becoming.

Writing Your Way Book Trailer


❤️ B U Y    L O C A L! ❤️


Here in Nova Scotia, my book is available at:


Agricola Street Books


Friction Books

Atlantic News

Halifax Public Libraries


You can also buy in online at Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and Indigo-Chapters.