Writing Review

I love working one-on-one with other writers and delight in being able to offer a thorough, thoughtful, and sensitive review of first drafts. Memoirs, novels, short story collections, and self-improvement/inspiration are my areas of expertise.

During the review process, I highlight the strengths and potential of your book draft, in addition to making comments and suggestions about:

  • the book’s structure
  • readability and narrative flow
  • gaps in content and lingering unanswered questions

And if your book is fiction, I’ll also weigh in on:

  • plot
  • character development
  • dialogue
  • point of view (perspective)
  • story arc and trajectory
  • dramatic tension and conflict

You’ve done the hard work! You’ve written a book. I’d love to help take you one step closer to publication.

Hiring someone to review your “baby” is an act of trust. And you don’t even know me!

So, I’m happy to offer a FREE 30-minute phone/video call, where I can answer all your questions, plus a FREE 10-page sample review.

It’s important that you find the right person and the right fit for this next important step!