Writing Mentoring

It’s totally normal to need help when you’re doing something big.

Your “something big” might be a shift from thinking about telling your story to being ready to write it. It could mean finishing a novel you started years ago. Or it might be as simple as finding time in your day to connect with yourself through writing.

Wherever you are on your writer’s path, I’m here to help!

Our writing dreams deserve attention and care, but oftentimes, life gets in the way and these dreams are put on the back burner.

After years and years of working with writers, I have discovered two true things. Everyone needs some form of support. And no two people need the same thing! That’s why I offer a wide range of options, all of which have been tried and tested by writers who have come before you.

Check out what I offer below (right underneath the nice words from happy clients 😍). And please reach out with any questions.


Having Trouble Getting Started?

This is for you if you have great ideas but haven’t written much, or if you have a tendency to put other people’s needs and projects before your own. Designed to help you find time in your schedule to write regularly, you’ll explore and flesh out your ideas and begin to get a sense of what is yours to write. This three-month package includes monthly phone or video calls to keep you on track, plus personalized weekly writing prompts. If you desperately want to start writing and have struggled in the past, this supportive option is for you. Be prepared to astonish yourself!

$750 for three months of support

Want someone to be accountable to?

I offer practical support for writers who know they can write and who know what they want to write, but have trouble getting to their desk to do the work. You tell me what your writing goals are, and I hold you to them! This is for you if you do your best work when someone else gives you a deadline. I help you stay on track and each week, we have a 30-minute phone or video call to discuss your progress.

$300/month (or $750 for a 3-month commitment)

Looking for Emotional Support?

If you are actively (or mostly!) writing but also actively suffering from inner critic attacks, lack of confidence, or loss of faith, you might benefit from letting someone else in. These complicated thoughts and feelings can keep us from our best work and also mean we don’t enjoy the process! I love accompanying writers who want to understand what is holding them back and who are willing to dig deep and make themselves vulnerable. These sessions are offered by phone or by video call.

$125 each (or $400 for a package of four)

Need Feedback?Row of vintage fiction books on a bookshelf, Penguin imprint

If you are tired of writing in isolation and want another set of eyes on your work, as you write, I offer professional, insightful, and comprehensive feedback. As your engaged reader, I provide guidance and a steady presence on long writing journeys. This is for you if you are already well into writing a book OR if you know you want to write a book and you’re ready to begin.

$500/month – You send me 10,000 words per month and I return loads of comments, plus a summary letter detailing my main feedback. I’m open to receiving your writing on a weekly (2500 words each), biweekly (5000 words each), or monthly (10,000 words) basis – whatever works best for you.

$625/month – In addition to receiving my comprehensive comments and written feedback as outlined above, we also schedule a phone or video call once per month.

$750/month – Includes everything above, plus unlimited email support.