Writing Mentoring

It’s totally normal to need help when you’re doing something big.

Your “something big” might be a shift from thinking about telling your story to being ready to write it. It could mean finishing a novel you started years ago. Or it might be finding the right words to communicate with the readers on your website, in your newsletters, or in your social media or blog posts.

Wherever you are on your writer’s path, I’m here to help!

After years and years of working with writers, I have discovered two true things. Everyone needs some form of support. And no two people need the same thing! That’s why I offer a wide range of options, all of which have been tried and tested by writers who have come before you.

Check out what I offer below (right underneath the nice words from happy clients 😍). And please reach out with any questions.

**If you’ve completed a book draft and are looking for a professional review, I do that too!**


Feedback, Accountability, and Support!Row of vintage fiction books on a bookshelf, Penguin imprint

If you are tired of writing in isolation and want another set of eyes on your work, as you write, I offer professional, insightful, and comprehensive feedback on novels, memoirs, poetry collections, etc. As your engaged reader, I provide guidance and a steady presence on long writing journeys. This is for you if you are already well into writing a book  OR if you know you want to write a book and you’re ready to begin.

$500/month – You send me 10,000 words per month and I return loads of comments, plus a summary letter detailing my main feedback. I’m open to receiving your writing on a weekly (2500 words each), biweekly (5000 words each), or monthly (10,000 words) basis – whatever works best for you.

$625/month – In addition to receiving my comprehensive comments and written feedback as outlined above, we also schedule a phone or video call once per month.

$750/month – Includes everything above, plus unlimited email support.


Have your own business and need help writing content?

It can be hard to find the right words to describe who you are and what you do. Add to that, the challenge of making your writing both engaging to the reader and authentically YOU!

I teach artists, entrepreneurs, and small businesses owners how to engage with their audiences through words. Whether that’s compelling blog posts/newsletters that touch your readers or dynamic social media posts that grow your audience, I can help!

What is Included:

  • an initial phone call, video call, or in-person meeting to discuss your writing needs and set goals
  • DEADLINES! (so you can meet your writing goals)
  • professional, honest, and comprehensive feedback to help you improve your writing

One month only: $500

Three-month package: $450 per month

Six-month package: $400 per month


Don’t See Exactly What You’re Looking For?

I also do “by the hour” work and can easily customize what I offer to suit where you are in your writing journey.

Get in touch and we can talk about what you need!