Writing Mentoring

It’s totally normal to need help when you’re doing something big. And writing a book is a pretty massive project. It can be hard to find the time, set your own deadlines, and assess your work. Many writers have lost their way and given up.

I offer accountability, support, and comprehensive feedback to writers at all stages. Using all of my professional experience, and what some have called “uncanny intuition,” I help you write the stories that live inside you. The ones that only you can write.

Check out my three types of writing mentoring below and reach out to discover more!

If your dream is to write a book, I would be honoured to be your companion on one of the most important journeys of your life.


Writing Mentoring Packages

Find Your Voice (3-month program)

Not sure where to begin or what to write about? In this customizable program, we use writing assignments plus regular email and phone support to help you gain focus. Together, we make a plan, I hold you accountable to our deadlines, and also provide extensive feedback and guidance on your work. If you are drawn to writing, but haven’t been successful in clearing time or priming your own creative pump, this program is for you. Clarity and momentum are right around the corner!


Start Your Book (3-month program)

Do you think you have a book in you? I can help you start that book you’ve been talking about and give you valuable, professional feedback on the execution of your ideas. First, we agree on a monthly schedule with deadlines to keep you focused on your goals. Next, you submit writing, which I carefully review and comment on. Last, email support and a monthly phone call will answer your questions and keep you on track. This program is for you if you know you want to write a book, already have a good idea, but are having trouble doing it on your own. Let’s get you started!


Finish Your Book (6-month program or customized to your needs)

Are you feeling lost and confused? Or maybe just plain tired? I offer the kind of support that can help flagging writers cross the finish line. Insightful and comprehensive feedback, a professional sounding board, and a kind and supportive voice that counters your inner critic and reminds you not to give up! As your engaged reader, I focus on the structure of your book and how your story is unfolding. I understand how different finishing is from starting and I’ve helped many a writer complete a stalled book. Let’s get you back on track!