Manuscript Review


I love working one-on-one with other writers and delight in being able to offer a thorough, thoughtful, and sensitive review of completed manuscripts. Memoirs, novels, short story collections, and self-improvement/inspiration are my areas of expertise. I pour a lot of energy and time into these reviews and only work with a handful of people every year.

During the review process, I highlight the strengths and potential of your manuscript, in addition to identifying any structural weaknesses or other issues that interfere with readability.

Some of my specific suggestions will include comments about:

  • your writer’s voice
  • narrative flow
  • story arc and trajectory

  • dialogue
  • point of view (perspective)
  • lingering unanswered questions

If you feel you’re ready for a discerning reader to take you one step closer to publication, read the author testimonials below. Please reach out if it feels like we might be a good fit.