Manuscript Review

I love working one-on-one with other writers and delight in being able to offer a thorough, thoughtful, and sensitive review of completed manuscripts. Memoirs, novels, short story collections, and self-improvement/inspiration are my areas of expertise. I pour a lot of energy and time into these reviews and only work with a handful of people every year.

During the review process, I highlight the strengths and potential of your manuscript, in addition to making comments and suggestions about:

  • the book’s structure
  • readability and narrative flow
  • gaps in content and lingering unanswered questions

And if your book is fiction, I’ll also weigh in on:

  • plot
  • characterization
  • dialogue
  • point of view (perspective)
  • story arc and trajectory
  • dramatic tension and conflict

If you’re ready for a discerning reader to take you one step closer to publication and you feel like we might be a good fit, discover which review is right for you below and get in touch!

Manuscript Review Packages

The How is it so far?” Review

Got half a book? Almost half a book? If so, this review is for you. I’ll give you concrete and specific feedback on the potential of your idea and your execution so far. I’ll identify the strengths of your book, where it’s faltering, and best of all, give you the kick-start you need to finish an entire draft. You can do this and I would be honoured to help you!

$995 for drafts up to 40,000 words


The “Got a first draft?” Review

You did it! You wrote a whole book! If you’re looking for another set of eyes on your creation, investing in a professional assessment is the next step. I will comprehensively review your finished manuscript and provide a 3-5 page written report highlighting what is working well and offering suggestions to make your book stronger and more publication-ready. Sharing insights about content, structure, flow, your book’s readability, the strength of your writer’s voice, and reader take-aways, I can help set the stage for rewrites and revisions.

$1,500 for books up to 80,000 words (with a per page flat rate for larger manuscripts)


The “Think youre ready to publish?” Review

If you think you’re ready to pitch your book to agents and publishers, consider this hardcore review, which includes detailed comments throughout your manuscript. These comments usually number in the hundreds, giving you a lot of food for thought! You’ll also receive a 5+ page written report that summarizes my feedback, insights, and suggestions for rewrites and revisions. Lastly, we schedule an in-person, virtual, or phone meeting to discuss my review and any questions you have.

$3,000 for books up to 80,000 words (with a per page flat rate for larger manuscripts)