Exploring Memoir

“Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we’ll ever do.”

—Brené Brown

If you feel the pull of telling your own story and long to explore it through writing, this 6-week online course may be just right for you.

It grew out of countless conversations with women over the last few years, all expressing an interest in writing the story of their life. But what they also told me was that they were afraid they didn’t know enough about writing, they were scared of what other people would think, and they were nervous about the power of their own story.

This course gives you a chance to practise writing in a safe space. It offers practical advice about the craft of writing, the support of a group of other women engaged in the same process, plus private feedback and guidance from me.

Praise for Renée's Memoir Course

The course includes:

  • One “lesson” per week by email that comprehensively covers an aspect of memoir writing, plus a list of other resources (articles, book titles, videos, podcasts, etc.) related to the topic.
  • An inspiring writing prompt and assigned “homework” every week that will help get you thinking and writing about the stories you want to tell.
  • Access to a private, interactive group where you can share your work, read other participants’ writing, and support and encourage each other. (This is not Facebook – it’s a private space housed right on my website!)
  • Personal feedback from me on a piece of writing you would like reviewed and assessed.

The story of your life is yours, and only yours, to write. If you’re feeling ready to take some first steps, I would be honoured to guide you.

The next course will run in January 2020. Exact date TBD.

Please reach out if you’re interested.

Registration is limited.