Need a writer?

Writing doesn’t come naturally to everyone. And yet we all need words to represent us – especially in an online world. If you struggle with writing and end up procrastinating, you’ve come to the right place.

For the last 15 years, I’ve helped individuals, companies, and organizations tell their stories. Sometimes, that’s through a newsletter, a magazine article, or an ad. Other times, it’s via a book, a video, or a speech. In short, I’ve done it all and no job is ever too small!

I can help with every writing need imaginable. And I don’t just work with the big fish! A number of my clients are home-grown entrepreneurs who need good content to support their business.

Your ideas and needs plus my time and expertise equals powerful and captivating content. The best part is that I can guarantee you we’ll have fun. My clients tell me I’m warm, professional, genuine, and easy to work with (read it in their own words below).

AND, I’ll always meet your deadline!

If you don’t have time or you’ve realized writing just isn’t your thing, it makes sense to hire someone who can do it well and do it quickly.