An Energetic Invitation

Since the eclipse earlier this week, I have been feeling a really wonderful, and slightly surreal, sense of heightened or accelerated energy. It adds to a similar feeling I’ve had since I started this blog last April and I can see it mirrored in the lives of the people around me.

I’m very curious if others of you feel this too.

When I created this sweet world earlier this year, it was partly as a thank you for the cooperation and well-being I felt flowing to me from a friendly universe. But it was also my way of being a part of the shift I see and feel happening in the world; more people realizing we are spirit first and human second, and more people playing with the universal or divine energy we have at our disposal.

I truly believe we are “god in motion” on this earth; spiritual beings having a human experience and I feel like the opportunity to really seize that truth and live it is more pronounced than ever before. There is a door swinging wide open, inviting all of us to walk through into a whole other way of being and of relating to each other and the world.

It’s evident in the way people are “coming into their own” these days. Friends who are writing their books, finishing art projects, and taking big steps toward their dreams. Some who are allowing themselves to be vulnerable, speaking their truth, and living from their hearts. Others who feel they have figured out how to tap into a “magical force” that lends itself to depths of happiness and productivity like they have never experienced.

Colleagues and friends finding the courage to leave the security of their 9-5 jobs to follow what feels like an inner calling. Some, who have long been self-critical, discovering how to be kind to themselves. Increased examples of psychic connection or synchronicities (Jung’s concept of  meaningful “coincidences”). And then there are also those of us who have found and are connecting with what you might call soul mates, friends of the heart, or family of choice.

What would our world be like if more people lived like this? If more people realized who they really are, valued their own happiness, and truly felt empowered, awake, and alive?

If more people were lit up. If more people said “really great” or “so happy” when you ask them how they are. If more people looked for what was going well, rather than what was going wrong. I think about this when I see road rage or look into the eyes of someone who is obviously not loving their job or when I hear my neighbours arguing. I think our human capacity to collectively BE so much more more is huge.

If you believe this too and want to do something about it, and if you trust and want to help other people tap into the “friendly universe” energy that I am talking about, there are two things you might do. Surround yourself with people who you resonate with, feel good around, and can be real with. And speak about what you know to be true.

I have found that connecting with like-minded/hearted people has been immeasurably grounding, reassuring, and enlivening. For so many years of my life, I felt odd and alone and so very different than most of the people who were around me. In the last few years, I have started to attract people who are on a similar path and the intensity of love and respect (and also fun, passion, laughter, and play!) in these relationships is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. It feels like coming home. I believe these soulful interactions, conversations, and experiences are what feed us and sustain us.

“Let me always keep company with those who say “Look!” and laugh in astonishment and bow their heads.”

–Mary Oliver

When it comes to speaking and living what we know to be true, I think there are as many manifestations as there are people. My wonderful friend and fellow writer, Anne Berube, wrote a beautiful post this week on what she calls “Daring to Care Out Loud” She talks about taking action and sharing our heart with the world. Setting clear intentions of what we truly want for humankind and engaging this intention in our every moment, with our words and our actions.

Through this blog, I am seeing the immense value of putting who I am out there. Not only do I have the chance to write about things that I feel are deeply meaningful and then connect with people who resonate with my words, but I am also being afforded the opportunity to actively work on the things I am writing about. (Last week’s post about procrastination resulted in massively cleaning two deep darks pits of despair—my shed and my basement. And I can’t tell you how much lighter I feel!)

Not that writing a blog or speaking publicly is for everyone. It’s not. But here’s my question for you. What is your way of living from your soul, speaking from your heart, and being the true, authentic you?

“There is no way that you can be in that place of change in your own life and not want to effect change in other places.”

–Yolanda King 

On the night of the eclipse, as I watched the light almost imperceptibly, but with the utmost certainty, returning to the moon, I knew that the energy I was witnessing and the heightened energy I have felt since then—the energy that keeps our world spinning, that keeps the sun shining, and that keeps our hearts beating—is within me. The kindest, most loving force we can imagine is who we are. And that makes us far more magical and more powerful that we ever suspected.

What will you do with it?


Originally published on my blog “This Sweet World”