Headshot of Renée Hartleib, Writer and Writing Mentor

For as long as I can remember, I’ve put pen to paper, using words to make sense of the world around me, to dig deep and express myself, and to playfully create. As a child, I wrote adventure stories. As a teen, I joined the ranks of anguished poetry writers. And as a young adult, I used my journal to explore what it meant to feel different.

But it wasn’t until my late twenties that I began to believe that I could actually “be” a writer. With a group of women, I started exploring writing as a means of creative expression. The support and praise I received from the group allowed me to take next steps: writing for publication and eventually becoming self-employed as a professional writer.

Over the course of 20 years, my business has now expanded to fulfill a deep calling of mine: supporting and inspiring those who long to create.

I’ve written a book that is a 40-day journey to more fulfillment and creative expression. I offer one-on-one writing review and one-on-one writing support for people who are working on books or other writing projects. And my blog delivers monthly inspiration right to your inbox (sign up at the bottom of any page of my website!).

Other things you might find interesting?

  • I do my best writing in the early morning hours with a cup of black tea
  • I work in what our family fondly calls “The Garden House,” a sweet little writing studio in our backyard
  • I got my first library card when I was two (thanks Mom!)
  • I love long walks (hiking the Camino in Spring 2024!) and I love Pickleball
  • We have a Book Nook (a little free library) in front of our house that brings me never-ending joy!