The 40-Day Writing Project


Come Home To Yourself

The 40-Day Writing Project is more than a writing challenge. It’s a chance to get to know yourself at a deeper level and an opportunity to come face-to-face with what’s been holding you back.

I believe wholeheartedly that each of us has a purpose in this life—a unique gift for ourselves and the world—and part of the adventure of being human is cracking the code, and figuring out what that purpose is.

Your 40 days will reacquaint you with the person you truly are and motivate and inspire you to live more authentically.

How It Works

Called a “tool of transformation,” The 40-Day Writing Project has garnered rave reviews from writers, artists, musicians, accountants, entrepreneurs, and lawyers!

It’s a private, intensive experience for anyone who longs to reconnect with themselves. Writing will be our medium, but you don’t need to be a writer. This project will guide you to go within, listen keenly, and then act on what you find.

I email you a letter that contains a daily writing prompt every morning for 40 consecutive days. These letters are a companion to your journey, designed to spark creativity and insight and encourage you to explore your unique voice.

You can sign up anytime and choose your own start date.

Only $199 for SIX weeks of daily goodness!

Ready to Commit?

Forty days—a period of time with ancient and spiritual roots— is a significant commitment, and one that I believe can push us past our habitual patterns, lead to the fulfillment of deep desires, and move us closer to where we really long to go.

The 40-Day Writing Project is like pressing the reset button, returning you, or initiating you, to the important habit of checking in with yourself every day. In a world that is increasingly noisy and busy, this practice offers strength, clarity, and focus.

Read the personal story of how and why I created The 40-Day Writing Project here.

You’re not alone.

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