15 Days of Fiction

You’re always coming up with great ideas for stories. Your favourite things to buy are pens and journals and notebooks. You know, deep inside, that you’re an author, and you have a story (or several) to tell. Sound familiar?

If so, 15 Days of Fiction is your chance to learn more about the fundamentals of fiction and to practise writing in the comfort of your own home.

For THREE WEEKS, you’ll receive an email from me every weekday that includes a lesson, a tip, and a unique creative writing prompt.

Inspiration and good ideas are definitely essential, but when you want to write good, compelling fiction, there is also craft involved – a lot of craft. Here’s just a taste of what we’ll cover:

  • Moving from idea to story
  • Deciding point of view
  • Developing strong characters
  • Bringing scenes to life
  • Crafting believable dialogue
  • Creating compelling conflict
  • What They're Saying

    What Do I Know?!

    I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember and have been a professional writer for the last 15 years. As a writing mentor, I’ve worked with hundreds of writers, helping to fine-tune their craft while also inspiring and motivating them to stay true to their ideas and dreams.

    I’m a graduate of the Alistair MacLeod Mentorship Program and the Humber School of Writers. My teachers have included Lynn Coady, Isabel Huggan, Sharon Butala, Shaena Lambert, Alistair MacLeod, Richard Cumyn, and Carol Bruneau. My short fiction has been published in The New Quarterly, The Antigonish Review, and The Fiddlehead, among others, and has placed or been shortlisted in regional and national writing contests.

    I love writing fiction and I love teaching what I know.

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